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Domega Corp.
Atlanta, Georgia United States

Western Digital WD800BB - 50DKA0

Failure - Rear of Drive appears to be loose - Will fail to boot up completely occasionally. Drive will show up in BIOS.

Thanks much for your efforts in getting my data back.
James C. D.

Stuart A.
Tokyo Japan

Western Digital WD2000JS-19MHB0

There was no warning of failure that is the PC did not crash, nor did I detect any clicking noises. Just found one day that the PC would not boot up. Under closer inspection I found the Drive to be completely dead - the HDD motor does not rotate.

I thought I should let you know of what an amazing job your data recovery team did by working on my hard drive. I got the so-called the clone drive on the new hard drive and it works so good, seems like the failure never occurred. Frankly, I could not expect more, all my thanks to you guys. Kudos!!!

Ascend Software, Inc.
Brea, California United States

Toshiba MK6021GAS laptop

No noise just stopped booting. No hardware attempts. Only running software diagnostics, with no positive results though.

Thank you very much for recovering services. I am very pleased with your work and would give my references about my great experience with you in case you ever need it.
Best regards,

Kerry T.
Madison, CT USA

Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 7200.14

This is a 'Case #2 failure' (described on your website). The BIOS is no longer recognizing the Seagate drive model number or serial number and instead displays only the drive's ' family name'. The computer will not boot up. POST stops at a screen that says 'F1 for Setup F2 to continue'. It was installed in a second PC as a 'slave' but it was not recognized.

Hello, My cloned hard drive is delivered today. I'm so pleased with your services! It works just fine on my new 200 GB drive!
Kerry T.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

HP Personal Media Drive

My drive a Seagate Barracuda is not being recognized when attached to a computer. It was originally in a casing, as a HP Personal Media Drive. I had our tech person at the school I work for, see if he could get it up and running. He says that it powers up and spins, but will not load/transfer the data. He believes it may only be getting 5v instead of 12v to fully function. In his opinion, he didn't think it would one of the more difficult fixes for experts like you. I want everything from the external transferred, so I assume that would mean all of the partitions.

Decent result, thanks

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