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Tristan S.
Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Fujitsu MHT2080AT laptop

The drive was not subject to shock or other physical damage, but perhaps suffered from overheating. The laptop occasionally 'woke up' from standby mode when traveling in its case (and got hot). One time after waking up in its case, I opened it to find it frozen. I then powered off and back on again, but it never booted up again. It just says 'Primary Hard Disk Not Found.' I have tried plugging it into a couple of other computers, but the drive doesn't seem to power on at all.

Dear Data Recovery Team,
I'd like to thank you for your hard work I'm so much pleased with your work, my data files, mostly my memories are back with me. Thank you very much! In case you will need a reference for your future-to-be clients you can count on me. I thought I'd let you know.

Syntaks, Tulsa Oklahoma United States

Western Digital WD5000BEVT, WD Scorpio Blue, 500 Gb external laptop

While I was working on the computer, the hard drive has started making clicks the screen turned black. I shut down the computer and tried to re-boot - nothing came up, only continuous clicks. Removed the drive from laptop and installed the new one, works fine! So the problem is not with the laptop, but the hard drive itself failed. Need all the content recovered.

Thank you for the quick response and professional effort in recovering my data. I am very much pleased with the results. My recommendations to every one, plus I'd definitely use your help again with no hesitations; you made me a happy person again. Sam Y.

Mike H.
Fresno, CA USA


Unable to access the drive. Can't access the drive. It is some vision of Windows. Most likely NTFS.

many many thanks to you, recovery team. The job was done quick, professional and with utmost respect to the sensitive content of the data.

Steve C.
Lilburn, Georgia USA

IBM IC35L040AVER07-0

The drive suddenly started making clicking noises and was no longer recognized by the system BIOS. I did not make any recovery attempts but
I have had two different companies attempt recovery. The board was checked out and verified to be functional. The board has not been modified or replaced. The drive was opened by a technician but only to visually inspect the internal components and verify there were no obvious physical problems.

I am very pleased to be getting back the tax data. You did so great and what most important succeeded where others failed. Keep it up, you do amazing!!!
Many Thanks,
Steve C.

Aaron L.
San Ramon, California United States

Seagate ST31500541AS Barracuda LP SATA3 external

Non-English characters
CRC is the failure. (Possible corruption?) No clicking,
no spinning
recovery attempts: hooked up to external USB shell.
That's it.

Thank You!!! Thank You very much for the help.
-Aaron L.

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