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Darwin A. S.

Western Digital WD2500BEAS laptop

Clicking noise, drive not opened, has original parts, no attempts to recover data.

Thanks, Darwin

inTEST Corporation
Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX

BIOS does not recognized drive, drive was spinning with no clicking sound. No recovery attempts, other than software. Drive not opened. All parts are original and intact, no forced intrusion.

Thank you very much for getting our data for us, it's greatly appreciated. We will definitely use your services in the future once the need is occurred at our end. Great job.
Best Regards,
Todd M.

Bethanie G.
Hamburg, PA USA

Seagate Barracuda LP, ST3500412AS

Failure of Drive occurred as not showing up or booting. Under Bios setting of automatic recognition, it will NOT show up, in manual setting it will, sometimes. Cannot be seen as a recognizable drive from Windows. Tried to re-install XP and fix boot sector with no success.

You provided excellent data recovery service. The service was quick and efficient. I would recommend you to anyone.
Best regards,

Richard R.
Santa Fe, NM USA

Western Digital WD800BB-75CAAA0

Unable to boot computer

Your efforts in recovering our data are greatly appreciated, our highly recommendation to anyone who is in need of data recovery service. No need to go any further! DataBe is your place to get the data back! Thanks again.

Steven T.,
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

Samsung MP0604H laptop

Not concerned about programs, settings or OS. Mainly pictures, websites data and any other user created data. From what I can summon we had a power outage, the notebook was on, when we got the power back I hadn't noticed that computer was dead: wouldn't boot up! it turned out that hard drive wasn't spinning due to some sort of shock, I don't know much about how to repair hard drives, but it looks pretty good on outside, so most likely the problem is inside, my guess it's your area of expertise - you were recommended to me as best data recovery company in Toronto.

... nicely done! Extremely quick and scrupulous job, you must be getting this all the time, yet I do appreciate all your help in recovering and restoring my files. To reinstate all lost data by hand would've been practically impossible, most of data were just unique, like the family photos - no time in the world would restore those years of memories...

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