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Customer Reviews About Us

The decision of whom to trust with recovering valuable data is crucial because failed recovery attempts may lead to permanent data loss. Today more than ever before, the Internet has become a confusing clutter of information promoting many data recovery companies and solutions that all sound alike - making it nearly impossible to differentiate quality companies offering solid and reputable services from those who are not. Therefore, it's critical to know the data recovery company with whom you are doing business, and whom you can trust with your valuable data.

We believe the real recovery cases say more than tons of words. Here are some of unsolicited correspondence with comments and feedback we have received from our customers.

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Diana C.
Miami, FL USA

Seagate ST3750528AS Barracuda 7200.12 external

Unable to access the drive. Drive is part of RAID array. Customer will not allow remaining drives out of company for security reasons. Please Image the drive. Need an image to put back into RAID array/server.

Huge relief for all of us down here. Well done.

Bernardo S. PortoLazer, E.M. Porto, Portugal

Toshiba MK4025GAS laptop

Drive is CLICKING. When the disk failed for the first time I had an access through set up. When I connected a USB External disk the system blocked and since then I never had access again. The disk is not recognized by the computer. No data recovery attempt and drive has original parts. Only Toshiba assistance to diagnose the problem.

Dear Databe Lab Team, Thank you very much for your wonderful service. Your job was fantastic and I got all my data back. Bernardo S.

Peter P. S.
Town of Simsbury
Simsbury, Connecticut USA

Seagate ST32000542AS Barracuda LP SATA3 2000 Gb

Failure: Clicking, and spinning. Attempts: No recovery attempts. Drive NOT opened, NO elements on drive or PCB replaced.

THANK YOU for all your great work!!!

Hawkins and Company LLC, Boulder, Colorado United States

Hitachi 5K1000-1000 laptop

Hard drive quit working, as a small (less than a teaspoon) amount of coffee was under the computer. I think it found its way onto the PCB. It wasn't very much, but now the drive won't work. Did not open or mess with the drive. Please help!

Thank you for getting the data off, looks like it never happened. I really appreciate your work for me. Best Regards, David

Andre K.
CompuPro Solution
Toronto ON Canada

Seagate FreeAgent 320 Gb external

External box has few visible mechanical damages on the casing after impact with hard floor. I've removed it from it's case, and would like to see inside the drive, but the cover seems stuck, and I don't want to break it. Jammed spinning parts can be the major issue to resolve here.

We'd like to congratulate you on another successful case! Our customer is very much satisfied with the results of it...

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