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Dan U., Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Hard Drive 1Tb PC Desktop

Can't access the '7200.11' drive, it's not showing, looks like it's not spinning or eternally busy. I hope you can help. I was searching where to repair hard drive in Utah, but then I was recommended to you by a colleague who used your services in the past and has a highly opinion of your company.

You are the best. Thanks a lot for recovering my drive. I got the data and must say, the work of yours is impressive!

Dept. of Civil, Env. and Arch. Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Seagate ST3640323AS Barracuda 7200.11 external

Clicking. Won't read. After 3 months of not using since it was not working I hooked it back up yesterday (1-25-06) and it worked for a couple of hours. I successfully downloaded some folders then it again quit working and resumed clicking.

Thank you for recovering my data. I liked the way you work, very professional. Thanks again. Alfred P.

Neil H.
ndh Small Business Consulting
Eastham, MA USA

Seagate ST94011A laptop

Drive won't boot to XP. Recognized by BIOS, then nothing. For a while, there was a "NTLDR is missing" but then turned to a blinking cursor after POST. No clicking, drive does spin. Scanned with R-Studio Emergency, which found the drive, but could not get the drive to show up as a slave on any computer except when running in a DOS mode. Other recovery efforts may have been made by other techs, but I do not have any specific information about the details. I also ran SpinRite, which saw the disk fine, but trying to boot from an XP CD (to try and replace the NTLDR originally) it would not boot from the CD (got hung on the "Setup will now check your system resources...") Never physically messed with the drive, never opened, never replaced board.

Your data recovery services are very honest and professional; those are the rare qualities in nowadays... Thank you very much

Apple Store

Western Digital WD20EARX - WD Caviar Green, 2Tb

Drive stops the motor after few quiet clicks with heads. All photos on the drive are important, other files are optional but would be a plus.

All recovered files have no corruption, good result. We'll send you more dead drives soon.

Computer Repair in Halifax

Acer Zenbook Laptop

I have accidentally pulled the power adapter wire of my laptop so quickly that the computer has fallen to the floor from about one meter height. Could you confirm you can retrieve files of such badly damaged drive?

I was in daily contact with Databe recovery specialist, who was providing very helpful in getting comprehensive information about the technical aspects in my hard drive repairing steps and detailed explanation about the integrity checking for successfully recovered data files.

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