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Taras S.
The Toronto Star
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Quantum KX

Hard drive is not in BIOS; unaccessible; not spinning

Thank you for helping me out in such prompt manner. I appreciate all you hard work and will recommend your company's service in the future.

Humberto A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fujitsu MHS2030AT laptop

Most important data: Outlook files (.PST) and Profile files for user vadjovaz
Failure occurred: Impossible to access drive
Drive in BIOS: No
Clicking: No
Spinning: Yes
Recovery attempts: Connected to another notebook/PC. Drive not opened.

Dear team,
We have received DVD's, and properly restored the user's information.
Thanks a lot for your work! Very impressive!
Humberto A.

Steven F. Howell, Michigan USA

Toshiba MQ01MBD100 laptop

Clicking hard drive examined at Circuit City. They recommended data recovery.

Thank you very much for your outstanding recovery services. I got my data and back in business, I was so devastated by what happened and worried about recovery outcome big time. Now when it's all in the past I can breathe again, thanks to you guys, a year of work I cannot even think how I would have restored it by myself, if ... :(
Best regards,

Ted W., Los Angeles, California, United States

Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition 2TB external

Disk had some issues in the past, but nothing serious (problems with the power supply), now I have two hard drives that are mirrored of each other and both failed, when first failed (started clicking) I did not worry much as the second drive is an exact copy of the first one, but I removed them both from the case and hooked the working drive as a slave to copy files to another external drive I have, in the middle of copying computer hung, I tried to reboot, but no slave came up only clicking noise just as it was with the first one, so frustrating! I'm sending both hard drives for recovery - to get more data recovered all together. Ideally I'd like all data get back.

Glad you could help, my big appreciation for your special discount on the second drive recovery - that helped a lot! I'll try to stay afar from WD hard drives from now on - too complex for my petty needs as to keep my files safe. My reference of your services as reliable, professional and fair-cost data recovery firm.

Larry S.
Hawthorne, FL USA

Hitachi IC25N080ATMR04-0 laptop

Not spinning

Thank You

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