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George P.
Summit Microelectronics
Sunnyvale, CA USA

Western Digital WD2500BEVS 250 Gb laptop

One day computer started getting slow, i.e. screen was changing very slowly. About an hour later I got the 'blue' screen and then a gray screen (which also was coming up every time I rebooted) that tells me to enter a password for my primary hard drive. I don' know the hard drive and of course it shuts down again. Our local IT guys tried to retrieve data, but they said they cannot. They are not specialists in data recovery. They said though that the HD is spinning.

Thanks a lot. You have been very quick and very helpful.

Marina from Toronto Ontario

Dell laptop

First noticeable failure was unable to boot computer. I don't know what the partitions to recover, probably all of them? Technicians at Staples ran what they called a diagnostic test. They said my hard drive was failing. I'm not sure if it has been opened. They didn't say they did. Yes, the drive has original parts and board. My request is to recover all data from the laptop drive and examine them too.

Completely sufficed the recovery outcome

Taylor R.
Jacksonville, FL USA

Western Digital WD10EARS


Your service had come to us as highly recommended and it didn't disappoint. We're thrilled to save $$$$ and get all our data back. It all happened thanks to your recovery team

Karen M.W.
Temple Terrace, Florida USA

WD Caviar Green WD20EARS 2.0TB

The drive does not make noise and was not recognized by Bios. It is from a six year old Dell 8100. I'd used only about half of the 40 GB... However, I need the data, particularly the photographs, from my old drive for a 90th Birthday celebration that won't come around again. How quickly can you recover my data?

Dear DataBe team, you are probably used to having people call you amazing, but you really are. Thank you for such amazing, quick work!

Databe partner in Baltimore

Seagate Barracuda 7200.14, the model number is ST3000DM001

The failure symptom is freezing the computer. Froze on Imager. Drive NOT opened. All parts original. Please keep the previous job open. The client has asked the same question about the videos as he did for the pictures. Here is the original question: Could you explain what percentage of the files were recovered and what percentage of the recovered might be damaged? (He wants an estimate of how many videos were recovered).

Thanks for your support in recovering data. We're so happy with your work.

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