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Mariano F.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Samsung SP0411N

Drive spins at power on but stops after a few seconds, BIOS doesn't detect Drive.
Original drive (labeled "A") PCB blew as result of a power supply failure, we got a new identical drive (labeled "B") and replaced PCB, drive then showed the above described symptoms (Spins for a few seconds)
We returned new PCB to the new drive, that still worked fine, and then swapped platters, the bug followed the platter, the new drive with the original platter fails, and the old drive with the new logic and the new platter works fine. Data to recover is now in platter installed in new drive, labeled "B".

We would like to thank you very, very much for getting our data, when we thought it was gone, considering what we had tried with the drive in the order to get the data off. Your professionalism is outstanding. We will definitely use your company services if the need occurs at the time.
Thanks a lot,
Mariano F.

James S.
Scottsdale, AZ USA

Seagate ST380021A

Drive began failing by failing to mount partition 1
but mounting all others. Partitions 2-3-4 will not
mount. 5 will mount briefly, but system wants to
initialize as slave. Will spin, no clicking.

Dear Sirs,
Please accept my appreciation in expressing how thankful I am for your services. I'd recommend it to anyone who is in the same situation as I was. My experience with your company as painless and flawless as could be. It is very important in nowadays as many companies promise a lot and deliver nothing...
Best regards,
James S.

Gwendolyn A.
Ann Arbor, MI USA

Seagate ST3300622A

The hard disk is not powering on at all; after moving from out of state and putting together my computers, I noticed one of my hard drive failed to power up. I tested it several times. Other hard drives worked fine. Also tried it on different desktop computers. I'm thinking the data platters are ok, but clearly power or motor components have failed on this drive.

Dear Data Recovery Team,
I'd like to thank you for your great job working on my hard drive and retrieving the data off of it. I got it all back and I think it is pretty amazing what you do. Thanks again!!!

Mark E. E.
TimeLinx Software
Andover, MA USA

Hitachi HTS722012K9SA00 120 Gb laptop

Drive started clicking without warning. I tried to re-boot twice, then stopped

Thank you for your good work! Mark

Cieszko Construction Co.
c/o Martin C.
Havelock, NC USA

Toshiba MK6026GAX laptop

Hard drive is very noisy, inaccessible.

You did it again. I'm so thankful for your outstanding service. Bravo!!!

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