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Cieszko Construction Co. Inc. Havelock, North Carolina USA

Toshiba MK4025GAS laptop

I have another drive that crashed. I took it to my service center and asked that they remove the drive, give it to me and get me a new one from Sager. I told them about how you were able to recover 100% of the data from the other drive you recovered for me under $1500.00 and what a deal that was. When I called them two weeks later to find out what happened, they told me they had recovered my data. I told them they may have destroyed your attempt to recover my data by trying to help me out, and when I did try to look at the data they retrieved, they got all the data I couldn't care less about and all the important files were corrupted or non-existent in the folders. Please, try to recover this data too. I don't need it all, just a few accounting files from quick books and my swim team manager files for the past 3 years.
Do you think they destroyed the data? Can you help me again?

Dear DataBe Recovery team,
God Bless you for the work you do, I received the discs with data and could breathe at last. Thank you SOOO much!!! You did such impeccable job ... again!
Best Regards,

Peter E.
Kirkkonummi, FINLAND

Hitachi IC25N060ATMR04 laptop

This hard drive made some sharp sounds after powering on (had to re-power a few times) and now it's impossible to read but recognized by the bios.

Great work! Thank you very much for saving the data.

Chris R.
Gentod Switzerland

Western Digital WD30EZRSDTL 3Tb

I have had an HDD crash, probably a broken head or spindle as I hear clicking noises.

Dear Sirs,
Many, many thanks for your help.

Karri H.
Dothan, Alabama USA

Toshiba MK2018GAS laptop

Failure occurred: hard drive just stopped on my computer and could not recognize it. Took it to my computer tech here and the hard drive will not spin at all. They hooked the hard drive up to their computer and it would not detect my hard drive either.

Thank you so much for recovering my information!!!! These are my work files.
Thank you again,
Karri H.

Joe S. M, Jr.
Helsinki Finland

Toshiba MK6021GAS laptop

Drive on powering up failed to boot up. Spin up. Drive was not recognized. There had been no error messages prior to it failing, nor were there any strange noises, no clicking or unusual whining sounds. Repair company gave HDD a cursorily attempt to boot it up. I have only placed it inside an external enclosure hoping to attempt a software recovery approach. However the drive failed to boot up, was not recognized by my other computer and so now I send it to you.

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for rescuing my files. I do appreciate your work...

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