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Selvamani S.
World HQ DaimlerChrysler NA
Auburn Hills MI USA

Toshiba MK6026GAX laptop

Drive in BIOS. Clicking (tick... tick... sound & dead). We tried to recover the data through different software's.

Thank you very much for recovering our data, it's much appreciated. I'll pass around a good word about your great services...

John S. Dana Point, CA USA

WD Caviar Green

External LaCie Drive (with Western Digital HD) would not boot, so I replaced the power supply -- it booted just fine. Powered down for a couple of weeks. Updated the System software from a previous version of Mac OS X.4 to X.4.6. External drive failed to boot and could not be recognized by Disk Utility or Disk Warrior. Tried to get drive to work by changing out power supplies several times. No luck. The LED power light flickers repeatedly, both when the drive is powered and not plugged into the FireWire and when it is plugged to the FireWire and computer.

Thank you for recovering my data, it's much appreciated.

Gilbert T. Tampa, FL USA

IBM laptop

Cause of failure was some water spilled on the laptop while running. The liquid shorted the HDD circuitry and the motor. Drive dos not power-on or spin.

Thanks for your hard work and especially the option of the disc re-image. That could prove to be the life saver.

Jeff M./Client Support
Waterloo, Ontario Canada

Toshiba MK3021GAS laptop

Failure Symptoms: The drive has a noisy bearing resulting in the operating system NOT being able to see the Hard Drive as a D Drive in another PC. It was booting in Windows XP just prior to the failure but it takes a LONG time to boot if it boots at all. When the drive is made a D Drive, it may actually fail due to the speed of the motor slowing down as the bearings heat up and increase the friction.

Thank you very much for your services. All data are just fine.
Jeff M.

Rich C.
Raleigh, NC USA

Western Digital WD1600BPVT 160 Gb laptop

The hard drive is failed after Power Surge

... very happy with the recovery process outcome! ... would recommend your services to anyone at the same situation I got into! I learned my lesson by all meaning... backup is a must! ))

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