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Asif K.
Altus, OK USA

Western Digital WD4000BEVT WD Scorpio Blue 400 Gb laptop

just internal memory started going out

I'd like to thank you for your prompt well-done work in recovering this very valuable data to me as well as at very affordable budget. One more sincerely grateful customer to your bank.

Mark H.,
Kansas City, Kansas United States.

Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD 500Gb

Clicking hard drive can't access data. It's really important to retrieve files from broken hard drive, I don't care if the drive is not repairable, I just need the files from it to be place on DVD or another hard drive, preferably external. There was no error message before hard drive crashed, first off it did not boot and then I heard clicking, that's where I knew it's dead and did not do anything, like rebooting or hooking up via USB enclosure.

I honestly think you did impossible, as I have not found a single or corrupted file yet. All files are in the pristine condition. Many thanks.

Bay Area Tax Consultants Inc., San Bruno, California USA

Toshiba Satellite laptop

Laptop will not boot; this happened unexpectedly without any related event. Drive makes noisy sound; failed in OS.

Dear DataBe data recovery team,
I just want to let you that I am very satisfied with doing business with you.
Thank you for recovering my data. The clone hard drive is working fine and all my data is back. If you ever need references, please let me know and I'll be happy to talk about my experience with you. Nilda C.

Timothy J K.
Environmental Working Group
Washington, DC USA

Toshiba MK4025GAS laptop

I have an iBook G4 w/ an ATA connection bus Toshiba MK4025GAS that is not recognized as being mounted (although the disk utility sees it but cannot repair) and makes no noise (spinning, clicking, etc)

Thanks for your amazing service, quick turnaround, more than fair price and outstanding results in recovering my data.
Best regards,

William E. K.
Santa Clara, CA USA

Hitachi IC25N020ATMR04 laptop

Would not boot up; I tried to plug it into my desktop through an adapter but that did not work. I took it to another data recovery company, but their estimate was too high so I retrieved it with no work done. They put a sticker on my hard drive, however.

It's been a pleasure doing business with your company: very honest, no surprises, outstanding professionalism...

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